Lake Artists Society A society of fine artists based in the English Lake District.
 Hideyuki Sobue, elected to the Society 2008 

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Hideyuki Sobue
Hideyuki Sobue

I was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and moved to the Lake District in 2005. I studied fine art at the Osaka University of Art and have exhibited in galleries Japan and the UK.

I'm always curious about how art, particularly painting, has been related to the human race, since humanity gained painting before any letters had been invented in prehistory. That's why I use a primitive yet core creative expression unique to humanity, namely drawing and painting which, I believe, has served as a fundamental means of human communication for shamanic communities in the prehistoric era, to create letters in many cultures, and to form civilizations. They also served to educate illiterate peoples, cultivate and develop cultures, inspire human minds throughout history.

I'm also greatly intrigued by the latest scientific studies, particularly in neuroscience, which is reforming our understanding about humanity drastically day by day. When reading about neurology, I was stunned by the fact that human visual brain perceives objects by the oriented lines, which drew me to create some new method of brush hatching technique using Japanese sumi ink and acrylic, which is also inspired by classic method of disegno, based on drawing. I believe, however, that life is far more complex, delicate and fragile in our intricate organic world than what is seen in mathematical algorithms.

I hope my work raises questions regarding the dignity and quality of life in understanding religious and ethical dilemmas, across the other scientific fields, what the potential might be of painting and drawing among numerous artistic expressions, and how to bridge East and West with my limited understandings by means of painting and drawing.

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