Lake Artists Society A society of fine artists based in the English Lake District.
1. Bundle # 8 40cms x 40 cms acrylic and water based oil on board 2. Falling 40cms x 40cms acrylic and water based oil on board 3. Blown away 100cms x 100 cms acrylic and water based oil on linen 4. Feather # 1 18cms x 13 cms acrylic and water based oil on canvas 5. Running hare and crescent moon 13cms x 18 cms acrylic and water based oil on canvas 6. Hellebore, early spring 50cms x 38cms acrylic and water based oil on board 7. A soft nest 80cms x 65cms pastel
 Rachel Gibson, elected to the Society 2009 

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Rachel Gibson's imagery expresses her interest in geology and archaeology and the myths and legends that have become an integral part of a complex human story. Her response to landscape and sense of place has been founded in her love of the North Cumbrian Fells and an ancient world which remains there for those who wish to discover it.

Whilst forming a visual record of journeys made and places visited, these pieces are also a response to the meaning that certain locations have had in the lives of people from the past. Through centuries of myths, experiences and stories, these monuments and places also hold meaning in our world today.

This search for 'genius loci' has led her to remote, exciting, evocative and sacred sites throughout North West Europe and beyond. Her paintings reflect an interest in imagery and ideas that surround place, folk memory, history and prehistory. The making of the work acts as an attempt to catch the shadow of a past which is barely tangible yet still has relevance in the contemporary world in which we live.

Paintings, Prints and Artist's Books are in public and private collections throughout the country and abroad including the Tate Gallery Library; the V & A Library; Northern Arts; Northern Print; Lowick House Print Workshop; Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Cumbria; R.V.I. Collection, Newcastle. Work has been published in Stone Lithography by Paul Croft, Printmaking Today, Artists and Illustrators Magazine, Graphics International, Cumbria Life, The Independent and Real Art.

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